How to record a history of failed login attempts on WordPress?

One of the most common methods that hackers use to gain access to a WordPress site is a brute force attack. The best defense against such attacks is to keep a record of failed logins so you can limit them. This article explains how the WP Activity Log plugin keeps a log of failed logins, so you can see the failed login history of a WordPress website. It also showcases the different settings you can use to configure the plugin based on your needs. How the WP Activity Log plugin keeps a record of failed login attempts on WordPress? The […]

Introducing the new WP Activity Log video series

Today, we’re excited to launch our new WP Activity Log short video series. Its main focus is to provide step-by-step video tutorials and insights about the WordPress activity log by highlighting the features of the plugin and how to use them based on your needs. In this series, we’ll cover topics ranging from how to keep a log of changes on some of the most popular used WordPress plugins, to third party integrations with log management systems. You’ll also learn about the plugins’ features and all the different settings you can tweak in order to improve security and user management […]

WP Activity Log 4.3.0: Introducing the improved mirroring module and new integration tools

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest WP Activity Log plugin update 4.3.0. The highlight of this update is the much improved mirroring feature that allows you to mirror the WordPress activity log to centralized logging solution and services such as Amazon Cloudwatch and Slack. We’ve also updated the format, text and severity of the events following the RFC standards. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in to see what is new and improved in this exciting update. The upgraded activity log mirroring module With the WP Activity Log plugin you can mirror the activity […]

Announcing new pricing model and plans for WP Activity Log

Today (May 20, 2021), we are adding a new Enterprise subscription plan and adapting the current plans, to best accommodate users’ growing needs. These changes will only apply to new purchases, so if you’re on an existing active subscription plan, nothing will change for you.​ Introducing the new plugin plans The introduction of the new plans aims to give more options and make it easier for users to choose the right plan that meets their requirements. With more options available, new users will be able to select the right plan without paying for something that they might not use. What’s […]

How to keep a log of Yoast SEO changes on your website

Most site owners are well-aware of the impact of both good and bad Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As such, monitoring how SEO affects your site is vital. In fact, there’s a simple way to keep a log of Yoast SEO changes across your entire site. We develop an activity log extension with which you can keep a log of WordPress’ SEO changes related to Yoast SEO. This means you can track how the plugin is being used or who changed the settings, direct from your WordPress dashboard. In this post, we’re going to look at how to keep a log […]

Major core update to the Activity Log extensions

You might have noticed that by now we have developed quite a few activity log extensions for third party plugins. We have an activity log extension for WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, WPForms, Gravity Forms, MainWP and a few others. To manage all these extensions, and the many others that we have planned, we have created a code core template, so all these extensions can be easily maintained. In this release, we focused on updating the core code that all the extensions use, which is more efficient and uses the new activity log events definition system in the main plugin: WP Activity […]

Activity Log for Yoast SEO 1.1.0: Improved activity log coverage

We’re happy to announce update 1.1.0 of the Activity Log for Yoast SEO. In this update we have increased the coverage of the changes that can be done in plugin settings and also the multisite network plugin settings. Let’s dive right in to see what’s improved in the Activity Log extension for Yoast SEO. Improved activity log coverage The main highlight in this update is the improved activity log coverage. This means that the plugin now keeps a log of many other changes that previously it did not. Here is the list of the new activity log event IDs the […]

Announcing activity logs for Gravity Forms

Today we’re really excited to announce the new activity logs extension for Gravity Forms, which allows the plugin users to keep a log of what is happening in Gravity Forms. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in. Activity logs for Gravity Forms Gravity Forms is one of the most popular form builder plugins for WordPress. You can create any kind of web form that you want, from a simple contact form to a more complicated one such as a payment form. When the Activity Log for Gravity Forms extension is installed alongside the WP Activity Log plugin, […]

Activity Log for MainWP 1.7.0: Support for any date and time format & more

Today we are happy to announce update 1.7.0 of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin, the invaluable extension that administrators and agencies use to view the activity logs of all child sites from one central portal – the MainWP dashboard. Just like we did with WP Activity Log, in this update we updated the date and time functions of the plugin to support any type of date and time format that WordPress supports. We’ve also introduced a couple of new features, improvements and bug fixes. Let’s dive right in to see what’s new and improved in this update. Support for […]

WP Activity Log 4.2.1: Improved coverage & foundation work for 4.3

We’re excited to announce the launch of WP Activity Log 4.2.1. Even though this release is not packed with lots of new features, it is still a very important maintenance update. It includes a lot of under the hood changes. This post explains what is new and improved in this update of the most comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress. Improved activity log coverage We aim to improve the activity log coverage with every plugin update. In this update we have included these two new events: ID 6045: User changed the site language ID 4029: Admin initiated a user password […]